In June 2016, the Conservation District purchased a Buffalo Turbine Cyclone Squared Debris Blower with funds received through Pennsylvania’s Dirt & Gravel and Low Volume Road Maintenance Program, to rent the blower out to interested municipalities in Fulton County.

The purpose of this rental program is to encourage municipalities to use this powerful, double-barreled debris blower to blow leaves and debris from roadside ditches, rather than scraping ditches with a grader blade, which can expose bare soil and cause ditch erosion and discharge road material to local streams. You can view a video of the leaf blower in action on our Facebook page.

The blower will be available on a first-call, first-served basis. The cost to rent the blower is $20 per day. You can review the District’s rental agreement below. Contact our Program Specialist, Brian Jaymes, for availability and scheduling at 717-325-6094.

Leaf Blower Rental Agreement