Fulton County is a beautiful place, and we all care about it. The environmental health of our County, and in turn our own health and that of our children and neighbors, is directly tied to the decisions we make.  How we manage our properties, what we buy and what we do with unwanted goods/materials, how we use the land, energy and water, all influence the quality of our air, water, and soil- our environmental health.  Therefore, if we wish to live in a clean, healthy, vibrant County, it’s up to all of us to do our part. Our actions make a difference, let’s keep Fulton County a place we are proud to call home.

Each year the Conservation District conducts a Tree/plant sale in the hopes that landowners will improve and beautify their properties, and perhaps even grow some of their own food. The proceeds from the sale are utilized for our Environmental Education programming.  This year’s Tree Sale order form can be found

Along those lines, if you are interested in various aspects of gardening, some local groups are worth checking out, such as the Penn State Master Gardener’s and the North End Garden Club.

Many landowners in Fulton County have forested acreage. While the Conservation District does monitor the erosion and sediment control measures implemented during logging operations,  the Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry takes the lead on helping landowners manage their woodlands. They have a Service Forester who is happy to work with you.            Penn State Extension also provides valuable information for managing your woodlands.

The Conservation District is no longer directly involved in County Recycling efforts. To find out what you can (and can’t recycle) in Fulton County, as well as any collections for electronic and hazardous waste, please contact the County Recycling Coordinator. For information about bulky waste collections, contact your local township officials.

Environmental Education is an important part of what we do. We often offer workshops on water quality issues, alternative energy, soil health, and other issues of interest to our residents.

If you are going to initiate any land disturbance on your property (construction, clearing for large garden, barnyard work, etc.) over 5000 square feet, you will need to implement some sort of erosion and sediment control measures . Please visit our earth disturbance page to find out what you need to do before any earth moving.

One issue that is of utmost importance is the quality of our groundwater, as we are all consumers of groundwater.  How each of us manages our wastewater can have a dramatic effect on water quality.  Anyone not on a centralized wastewater treatment system, and that includes most County residents, should consider reading our publication on how to properly take care of your on-lot wastewater system (septic system).