The Dirt & Gravel Road Maintenance Program is an initiative put forth by the State Conservation Commission to help local townships fund such projects. The program provides money to the Fulton County Conservation District to educate townships on environmentally sensitive dirt and gravel road maintenance techniques. In addition, the program awards grants to townships with dirt and gravel road issues. Each eligible township interested in receiving funds must submit an application to the Conservation District, describing what the funds will be used for and how problems will be alleviated on the dirt and gravel road in question. A Quality Assurance Board (QAB) organized by the Conservation District then reviews and scores all applications submitted and awards funding to worthy projects.

For more information about the Dirt & Gravel Road Program in Fulton County, please contact Program Specialists:

Brian Jaymes at 717-325-6094 or

Scott Alexander at 717-325-6090 or

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