Fulton County is roughly  65 % forested, and much of that forest land is in private hands.  How we manage our forests has a great impact on stream health, and also impacts wildlife numbers and diversity, air quality, and even affects our quality of life.

At Penn State you’ll find the Center for Private Forests,  and their website contains a wealth on information.

There’s a local group- the Woodland Owners of the Southern Alleghenies, that meets yearly and offers resources for managing your woodlands.

Both the DCNR and Penn State Extension have valuable information for forest landowners.

Depending upon your management decisions, you may be eligible for some federal funding. The Natural Resources Conservation Service has a program designed to help certain migratory birds especially the Golden-winged warbler.

One thing to note, if you decide to engage in any sort of logging/timbering operation on your land, it’s important to know that land disturbance can result in soil erosion and impacts on local waterways. Therefore, you should always have an erosion and sediment control plan and your service forester can help write that plan

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

It’s also important to follow appropriate timber harvesting best management practices.  _DEP-Timber Harvest Guide