The Conservation District respects our county’s producers of food and fiber and the farming legacy of Fulton County.

We offer a helping hand to farmers that wish to steward their natural resources, learn about soil and water conservation, increase their economic and environmental sustainability, and meet state and national regulations.  The District believes that there is a balance between agriculture and the environment – our soil, water, and other resources must be protected for the future of Fulton County and its residents. Programs offered include no-till drill rental, Nutrient Management Plan review and assistance, agricultural inspections, and technical assistance and information on conservation programs. Please click the links for more information on each of the District’s agricultural programs.


Helpful Links:

Grant Funding: Ag Conservation Assistance Program

No-till drill rental

Soil Testing

Manure Management Plans

Nutrient Management Program (for CAOs and CAFOs)

Ag Erosion and Sedimentation Plans

Additional resources:

Info on solar farm leasing