The Fulton County Conservation District is authorized, by an agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), to conduct the administrative and enforcement functions of the Erosion & Sediment (E&S) Control and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Programs. These programs carry out the terms and conditions of Chapter 102 (the Pennsylvania Erosion & Sediment Control Regulations), the Pennsylvania Cleans Streams Law and the Federal Clean Water Act.

The purpose of the Erosion & Sediment Control Program is to minimize the potential for accelerated erosion and sedimentation and to manage post construction stormwater in order to protect, maintain, reclaim and restore water quality and the existing and designated uses of waters of the Commonwealth. Chapter 102. Erosion and Sediment Control regulates the discharge of stormwater associated with four major types of earth disturbance activities:

  • Agricultural plowing or tilling activities or animal heavy use areas
  • Timber harvesting activities
  • Road maintenance activities
  • General construction activities

For more information about the Erosion & Sediment Control Program, please contact Erosion Control Specialist, Hunter Snyder, at 717-325-6098 or


E&S Plan Review Application & Fee Schedule

E&S Plan for Projects Disturbing Less Than One Acre

High Quality & Exceptional Value Waters of Fulton County

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