What is a Conservation District?

The Fulton County Conservation District is a unique unit of government.  We are a local organization with local ties to conservation efforts, but we are also a legal subdivision of the state government.  We receive funding and other needed assistance from local, state, federal and private agencies and organizations to carry out a variety of conservation programs in Fulton County.    

As a subdivision of state government, the Fulton County Conservation District has powers that influence and affect everyone in Fulton County.  The Conservation District is much like a school district in that:

  • we are a “special purpose” subdivision of state government;
  • we are run by a governing body of local citizens;
  • we have a great deal of latitude and authority in how we carry out our responsibilities; and
  • we represent local citizens and are responsible to them.

We were created to promote the protection, maintenance, improvement and wise use of the land, water and other related resources within Fulton County.  We are a source for natural resource information, community conservation concerns and local environmental efforts.  Much of our effectiveness is due to our ability to work successfully with local, state and federal agencies and organizations.

The Fulton County Conservation District has been serving the residents of Fulton County for over 60 years.  Click on the links to your right to learn more about who we are and what we do!


Our Mission Statement: To conserve, protect, and restore our environmental health.

Our Vision: To create an environmentally and economically secure Fulton County where people want to live, work, and play.