What to Do with Used Motor Oil

Do you have used motor oil that you would like to get rid of?  Several places in and around Fulton County are happy to take your used oil, if it is free of water and debris.  Take your used oil to the following establishments during regular business hours:

If you live in the northern end of the county, you can take your used motor oil to Detwiler Auto Repair, located at 2435 South Madden Road, near Hustontown.

If you are located in the southern end of the county, take it to Bard’s Automotive at 6583 Great Cove Road, just south of Needmore. 

If you live near McConnellsburg, you can take used motor oil to the Citgo, located at 811 Lincoln Way East in McConnellsburg.

If you are located on the western edge of the county, Breezewood Transfer, LLC (aka, Weaver’s) at 820 South Breezewood Road, just south of Breezewood, will accept your used oil.