Tips for Recycling Glass


The only type of glass that is accepted by the Fulton County Single-Stream Recycling Program is clean... clear, green, or brown food and drink bottles and jars.

While glass is a durable and very recyclable material, only certain types of glass can be mixed together, melted down, and turned into new materials.

Glass is manufactured with various materials added to give it strength, flexibility, reflective properties, or some other desired characteristic.  Since varieties of glass have different chemical compositions and melting points, different types of glass cannot be mixed together and recycled.  The recycling facility has no mechanism to sort the recyclable container glass, your bottles and jars, from the other types of non-recyclable glass.  Too much of the wrong glass renders the glass collected at the recycling facility too contaminated for recycling.

So please, when it comes to glass, only recycle clear, green, and brown food and drink bottles and jars.  Any other form of glass or glass-like material is a contaminant and is not accepted.  Please rinse your bottles and jars and remove the lids before placing them in the bin.

Items that are not accepted include:  light bulbs or tubes, window glass, mirrors, drinking glasses, candle jars, vases, Pyrex or other baking dishes, plates, china, and ceramics.  If you have some of these items and they are still useable, donate them for reuse!