Starting in October 2011, Fulton County Conservation District staff will initiate an outreach effort and begin conducting site visits on farms in Fulton County. These outreach visits are a component of Pennsylvania’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan and are designed to increase awareness of the current regulatory requirements among the agricultural community.

Who is regulated? For the purposes of this farm visit effort, if you are plowing or tilling over 5,000 square feet, and/or you have an animal heavy use area (i.e., barnyards, feedlots, loafing areas, exercise lots, etc.) and/or you are land applying manure either by equipment or direct application by your animals, your farm falls under these regulatory requirements, regardless of size. It is also important to understand that even if someone else farms your land, as the landowner, you are ultimately responsible for what happens on your land.

Recognizing that these regulatory requirements are not universally known within the agricultural community, this outreach effort is an attempt to address this concern. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has asked conservation districts in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed to assist in educating agricultural landowners and/or operators about what their regulatory obligations are. Conservation District staff must visit all farms in Fulton County by 2016. These visits are for educational purposes only and are not farm inspections. Conservation District staff will be describing what is required for anyone who owns farmland or actively farms to be in compliance with the state regulations.

Compliance with these requirements is important, as more than 5,484 miles of Pennsylvania waterways are impaired because of agricultural impacts. Agriculture is listed as the most significant source of pollution from Pennsylvania to the Chesapeake Bay. Several streams in Fulton County have been identified by DEP as being “ag-impaired.”

The Conservation District views these farm visits as an opportunity to reach out and work with our local agricultural community. Reducing soil erosion and better utilization of your manure are not only good for our local streams and the Chesapeake Bay, but offer opportunities to save you money and improve the production of your farm. District staff are available to answer your questions or concerns regarding these regulatory programs, provide informational materials on the requirements and provide options for technical and financial assistance that is available to support Fulton County farmers as they address environmental concerns. In addition to the farm visits, the Conservation District will mail out postcards and will run a series of half-page advertisements in the Fulton County News as part of our outreach effort.

While the District has selected specific areas in which to begin our farm visits, if you would like a visit from District staff to discuss what is required for your operation to be in compliance, please contact us. Anyone interested in information about or assistance with developing an Agricultural Erosion & Sediment Control Plan and/or a Manure Management Plan is encouraged to contact the Conservation District.

For more information on the regulatory requirements for agricultural operations, please contact Conservation District Ag Specialist, Eric Cromer, at 717-325-6089 or

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