Nutrient Management Program

The Fulton County Conservation District, under a delegation agreement with the State Conservation Commission, administers the Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program (Act 38) in Fulton County.

Under Act 38, Concentrated Animal Operations (CAOs) are required to develop and implement a Nutrient Management Plan.  CAOs are defined as agricultural operations where the animal density exceeds 2 animal equivalent units (AEUs) per acre of land suitable for manure application on an annualized basis.  An AEU is defined as 1,000 pounds of live animal weight and includes all livestock, whether for production, transportation or recreation.  Land suitable for manure application includes cropland, hayland or pastureland (owned or rented) that is, or will be, available for the application of manure from the operation.  Farmstead and forestland cannot be included in the acres suitable for manure application.

The Fulton County Conservation District can assist you in determining if your agricultural operation is a CAO.  For more information about the Nutrient Management Program, please contact Ag Specialist, Eric Cromer, at 717-325-6089 or

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