Big Cove Creek Stream Monitoring

In an effort to obtain more baseline data for local waterways, the Fulton County Conservation District recently began sampling at four sites along Big Cove Creek near McConnellsburg.

Every 4 months, water samples will be collected to analyze Total Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen levels in the stream.  The nutrients being measured are necessary for the health of all stream life, but can, in larger amounts, indicate pollution from a number of sources, including agricultural runoff, excessive streambank erosion, or inadequate wastewater treatment. 

Additionally, biological sampling will be conducted, which will consist of macroinvertebrate sampling at the same four locations.  Macroinvertebrates include the insect larvae, crustaceans, and other critters living in, on, and among the bottom of the creek.  The life in the stream indicates a great deal about the quality of the water in the stream, and it gives stream scientists a better feel for the average water quality at a site, as opposed to a water quality sample, which can change rapidly with water levels, runoff, isolated pollution events, etc.