Let’s stop treating our Soil like dirt!  While most of us don’t think about that wonderful material (soil) beneath our feet, we can’t live without it.  Soil not only provides most of our food, it cleans and stores our water, it grows our forests, it recycles nutrients, it provides habitats, and can even sequester carbon.

In order for soil to provide these services, it needs to be healthy and whole.  The Conservation District promotes programs that help build soil health and prevent soil erosion. We engage  with landowners, developers, and loggers to implement best management practices that will minimize soil erosion. Likewise, we assist with practices and programs that will improve soil health and enhance agricultural productivity.

One of the first steps to take to improve your soil’s health is to test your soil.

The Conservation District has soil test kits available, or you can get them at Penn State Extension or another testing lab of your choice. It is important that you sample your fields correctly.